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Hi there, I’m Hugo.

Microsoft MVP, Microsoft 365 PnP Team Member
SharePoint, Office 365, Power Platform, Dynamics, Agile/SCRUM

I started working with SharePoint back when it was codenamed Tahoe — before it actually became SharePoint 2001. I have been working with it ever since.

This is my least favorite part about blogging: talking about myself. I have no problems talking about SharePoint, Dynamics, software development, but I don’t like talking about myself.

I know, I know, I’m supposed to establish my credibility as an expert, blah, blah, blah… but here’s how I see it: read my blog and see for yourself. Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, maybe I do. There’s really no way for me to tell.

I grew up near Quebec City but moved to Toronto to learn to speak English. I have yet to master the English language. I apologize in advance for any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or sentences that don’t make sense.

I’m a former McKinsey & Company consultant, but a developer at heart. I use my experience to help bridge the ubiquitous gap between business and technology.

I work almost exclusively with Microsoft technologies. SharePoint and Dynamics 365 are two of my favourite things.

I call myself the World’s Laziest Developer. I’ll always try to look for ways to use the built-in capabilities of a system before writing custom code. When I resort to custom code, it is because there is no built-in way to do it. Nothing makes me angrier than people writing custom code when they could use out-of-the-box functionality.

I am autistic. As a consultant, I make sense of chaos in every engagement by having a process for everything. It also means that I have a pretty no-nonsense approach to things.

As a certified SCRUM Master, my specialty is to fix struggling projects.

Once in a while, I find myself researching the same thing over and over again; things that I think should be obvious and easy to find, but that no one has bothered to write about (probably because it is so obvious for everyone but me?).

When I finally find the answer, I usually think “I should blog about this”. Actually, the lazy person in me usually thinks “someone else should blog about this”.

The posts in this blog may not be earth-shattering, mind-blowing, original, or interesting to anyone else. It intends to be a series of notes to myself so that I don’t have to search again.

If it also happens to help you, even better!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Drop me a line!


    1. hey Hugo, thanks for all your contributions to the community man, good to see a Canadian representing it large. I noticed your repo on GitHub with dynamic data and custom webparts…just a quick question, can SPO’s OOB document library webpart receive dynamic data from a custom webpart like the ones you have up there (Events, Event details and Map). More specifically, when I toggle the document library webpart’s dynamic filtering ON in its property pane, how do you think I would get it to pick up a custom webpart as a choice in its “List or Library containing the filter value” dropdown. Or do you think it would only indeed recognize another “list or library” and not the custom webpart on the page

      • Hugo Bernier Reply

        Hey Evan,

        Take a look at this video from the always awesome Chris Kent:

        He’s got some good samples on how to use dynamic properties and filtering.

        Would you be ok if I wrote a blog post to help people who would like to set this up?

    2. Robi Harid Reply

      Hey Hugo,

      I would like to ask about your persona card ()

      I would like to create a component with 3 different personas, taken from the Graph API call ‘List people’ (listing 3 most relevant people to the person)

      Did you manage to implement your pnp-control?


      • Hugo Bernier Reply


        I submitted the PR but I don’t think it will ever get approved, as Microsoft is unsure if they are prepared to support the control.

        That being said, the code will work and can be used inside your solution.

        Let me know if you need advice on where to get the code to get started.

    3. Jack Schaufele Reply

      Ditto …

      I too am late to SPFx/Node etc and am finding fun to work with. Have a question… I know SPFx has dynamic data which allows for webpart “connections” but I am looking for something similar to the listviewwp and how you can connect two related lists on a page – do yo know of anything like this ?


    4. Michael Zimmerman Reply

      Can’t “Send” email…. with a message from your page. When I hover over the green Send button my icon changes to “waiting” spinning circle and does not do anything.

      • Hugo Bernier Reply

        Thanks for pointing it out. I’ll look into it.

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