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Making an educated decision when acquiring software — Part I: Acquisition Model

Impulse buying is something that may be suitable for a pack of gum while you’re waiting to pack at the grocery store, but it should never be an option when it comes to enterprise applications.

Make an educated decision, and follow an acquisition model that will help you find the ideal solution for your organization’s needs.

By Hugo Bernier July 10, 2019 0

MORE UPDATES: Inject Custom CSS on SharePoint Modern Pages using SPFx Application Extensions

A while ago, I wrote an SPFx Application Customizer that allows you to insert custom CSS on your SharePoint modern pages and posted about it.

The solution is now a sample in the SharePoint SharePoint Framework Extensions Samples & Tutorial Materials repo.

I received lots of feedback, comments and questions about the article so I decided to write an updated article to answer the most frequently asked questions.

I have since updated the solution to SPFx 1.8 and created a simple automated deployment script to (hopefully) reduce issues.

By Hugo Bernier May 3, 2019 0

UPDATE: Inject Custom CSS on SharePoint Modern Pages using SPFx Application Extensions

A while ago, I wrote an article describing how you can inject a custom CSS stylesheet on SharePoint modern pages using an SPFx application extension. The code sample is now part of the SharePoint SP-Dev-Fx-Extensions repository on GitHub.

Since the article, I have been getting tons of e-mails asking all sorts of questions about the solution.

Since SPFx 1.6 was released, I took the opportunity to upgrade the solution to the latest and greatest version of the toolset. You can find the latest code on GitHub, or download the latest SharePoint package.

In this post, I’ll (hopefully) answer some questions about how to use it.

By Hugo Bernier October 29, 2018 10

Creating a calendar feed web part – Part II

Introduction In Part 1 of this article, I walked through the various components that we’ll need to build to create a responsive calendar feed web part that mimics the out-of-the-box SharePoint events web part. In this article, we’ll: Create a web part solution Add a mock service to return test events, and We’ll display a…

By Hugo Bernier June 5, 2018 1

Displaying site information security classification on every page using a custom SPFx extensions — Part II

In part 1 of this article, I introduced the concept for an SPFx extension that adds a header to every page, showing the classification information for a site. We’ll actually do the coding in this article! Creating the SPFx extension solution Using the command line, create a new project directory md classification-extension Change the current…

By Hugo Bernier April 21, 2018 4