With Edge Chromium, you can set up multiple profiles with different credentials, history, cookies, extensions, etc.

If, like me, you work with multiple Microsoft 365 tenants, this feature can be a real time saver. I’ve already written about how to configure multiple in a previous post, so I won’t repeat myself here.

To keep track of who you’re currently logged on as, Edge displays a profile picture on the upper-right corner.

My Profile Picture

You can configure a different picture for every profile in your browser, but you’re limited to two choices:

  • The profile picture associated to your Microsoft 365 tenant (if you’re signed in with a Microsoft 365 tenant); or
  • One of the cute avatar images that come with Edge
    Limited Avatar Choices

Unfortunately, there isn’t a choice for custom profile pictures.

I was collaborating with this evening, solving world problems, when we suddenly got distracted with fixing an issue with one of his profiles.

In the process of fixing his browser issues, I discovered a way to change my profile images.

I searched for this and didn’t find anything, and I definitely don’t know if this is a supported feature or not, but I thought I’d share with you how I did it.

Changing your profile picture

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Using Edge Chromium, switch to the profile for which you wish to set up a custom profile image. Make sure that it already has an image (if not, click on your profile, select Manage profile settings | | Edit | Change Picture )
  2. From the address bar, type edge://version
  3. From the About version page that shows up, look for Profile path.
  4. Copy the path that’s displayed next to it (it should be something like C:\Users\hugoa\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge SxS\User Data\Profile 1)
  5. Launch a file explorer and navigate to that path. (I use [Windows]+[R] to launch the Run… dialog and paste the path).
  6. In the list of files that appear, look for one called Edge Profile Picture.png and make a backup copy of it.
  7. Find whatever custom image that you’d like to use, resize it to 424×424 pixels, and save it as Edge Profile Picture.png
  8. Close your browser and your new profile picture should show up
    My new profile picture


That’s it! I have now configured all my profiles to use the corporate logo of every tenant I have so that I easily tell which profile is currently in use.

Let me know if you found a better way to do this.

I hope this helps?

Photo credit

Image by Andre Mouton from Pixabay


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