In software projects, we have a tendency to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Stakeholders ask for estimates. Usually something along the lines of “we don’t know what we want. When can you have it done and how much will it cost?”.

Find out how the cone of uncertainty and agile planning can help you answer these questions and help you break that endless cycle of pointless estimates.

Agile North is growing fast! As it turns out, there are many people who are passionate about Agile methodologies who live North of the GTA. While there are plenty of events about Agile in Toronto, it isn’t always easy to juggle work, family life, and attending events downtown. That’s why we started Agile North! If you an Agile enthusiast in and live in Barrie, Orillia, Gravenhurst (or anywhere else north of Toronto — we won’t judge!) Agile North is always looking for enthusiastic members! (Also, if you’re a co-worker of mine who doesn’t want to disappoint me and suddenly find that their SharePoint site collection was irreversibly deleted, you should come too) We are open to anyone interested in learning, teaching, or just sharing about Agile methodologies. Just so we’re clear: we’re talking about the software development methodology, not a new form of yoga :-). Our next Agile North Meetup…