Displaying site information security classification on every page using a custom SPFx extensions — Part II

In part 1 of this article, I introduced the concept for an SPFx extension that adds a header to every page, showing the classification information for a site. We’ll actually do the coding in this article! Creating the SPFx extension solution Using the command line, create a new project directory md classification-extension Change the current…

By Hugo Bernier April 21, 2018 4

SPFx, Semantic versioning, and CHANGELOG.md

As the World’s Laziest Developer, I don’t like to invent anything new if I can find something that already exists (and meets my needs). This article is a great example of that mentality. I’m really standing on the shoulder of giants and combining a few links and re-using someone else’s code (with credit, of course) to…

By Hugo Bernier April 16, 2018 0

Uploading High Resolution User Profile Pictures to Office 365 Using PowerShell

Although you can use the web-based GUI to update profile pictures on Office 365, sometimes you need to upload many pictures at once. This is where PowerShell comes in handy. Here are the instructions to upload high resolution user profile pictures to Office 365 using PowerShell commands: Launch the PowerShell console using Run as Administrator…

By Hugo Bernier April 10, 2015 2